Install of the Fabspeed Motorsports 200 Cell Sport Catalytic Converters (Cats)

Installing the following items on my 2018 Porsche 911 GTS

  • Fabspeed 200 Cell Sport Catalytic Converters

  • Fabspeed Carbon Fiber Exhaust tips

  • BMC Air Filter

Equipment for the job:

  • Ratchet Driver

  • 13 mm or 15 mm Socket

  • 13 mm or 15 mm Wrench

  • 22 mm wrench

  • T27 Torx bit

  • Flashlight (optional)

In full disclosure, I planned on doing this project at home (DIY). Unfortunately, we experienced an unexpected death in our family, which caused me to seek outside assistance. On that note, I would like to thank Autometrics Motorsports for the outstanding work and professionalism that they displayed during the procedure. Not only did they install my Cats but they also installed the BMC air filter that I purchased several months ago. I highly recommend Autometrics.

Also, I was able to install the Fabspeed carbon fiber tips, which I think looks amazing on there next to the Techart rear diffuser that I installed (pics will be included as you read through this).

I will brief you on my experience however.

We will start off with the Carbon Fiber Exhaust tips. The install of these is really easy, which includes removing the factory OEM tips. When installing them though, I would suggest having someone assist you. When installing the Fabspeed tips, you will need two hands tightening the bolt and nut, the other person will need to hold the tips in place to make sure that they are straight and even.

Fabspeed Carbon Fiber Exhaust tips:

Fabspeed 200 Cell Sport Cats and Exhaust tips:

As for the install of the Sport Cats:

I did make an attempt at doing the Cats myself before I received the phone call about my relative passing.

I will walk you through the process step-by-step:

  1. Raise or lift a 'cool' (temperature cool) car to give you enough room to work underneath it. I used my Quickjack 7000 - I love this by the way, and if you are interested, I will do a review on the Quickjack, which would be the assembly process, and ease of use. Let me know in the comments below if you are interested in that.

  2. Start by removing the four T27 hex screws holding the heatshield to the factory Cats. The two top screws are very difficult to reach. The one on the top is a royal pain and was stripped out on my car. Unfortunately, the heatshield must be removed on the 2018 GTS model.

  3. Next remove the four 13mm or 15mm nuts/bolts holding the Cats to the turbo, followed by the two bottom studs. Use a stud socket or two nuts tightened together to remove the studs.

  4. The Top stud is attached to the turbo mounting bracket which needs to be removed.

  5. To access the top mounting bolt the coil pack heat shield will need to be removed

  6. Loosen the clamps attaching the Cats to the muffler

  7. Once its loose, slide the top clamp onto the muffler pipe to expose the gap in the two tubes.

  8. Remove both 02 sensors from the Cats using a 22mm wrench (on that note - my 02 sensor was stripped during the removal process and we had to buy another one). 02 Sensors are not cheap - $350.00.

  9. The factory Cats are now ready to be removed. Use penetrating lube on the muffler inlet pipe to ease removal. Twist the Cat up and down to work it free.

Install is the same process but in reverse. The Autometrics specialists did tell me that they had an issue lining up the Cats at first. Also, the bolts used on the heat shield were all replaced with better quality hardware since a few of the factory ones were stripped.

As for the BMC Air filter, you have to remove the rear wing in order to gain access to the air filters on the 991.2.

Once the Cats were removed

OEM V Fabspeed

Stock Air filter

BMC Air Filter

At Autometrics Motorsports

The stripped out bolt that was a pain in the arse to take off (it was on top of the heat shield)

Carbon Fiber Tips installed

Carbon Fiber Tips installed with Techart Rear Diffuser

My overall thoughts. After installing both the Cats and air filter, I can tell a difference in power. Fabspeed claims a 25 WHP gain and I believe it. There is definitely a difference in throttle response across the RPM band (even at the low end). I plan on doing some before and after videos on this. Please reach out to me if you have any specific requests.

I will leave you with this - the below video is the first coldstart after installing the Cats and BMC Air filter at Autometrics Motorsports.