My first Porsche experience...

Out of all the car companies out there why did I pick Porsche? Growing up as a child, my father had several Corvettes that he owned and he never kept any of them stock (always modified them). He worked for General Motors on an assembly line and he was pretty loyal to Chevrolet. Anyhow, one day when I was young and could barely see over the dash of his 1978 Silver Anniversary Corvette, a Porsche Turbo pulled up beside us and pretty much left us in the dirt. My father's Corvette had a huge rear end (456) and it was geared for 1/4 mile racing rather than top-end speed but I didn't really understand that at the time. All I knew, that Porsche smoked us. Anyhow, that was my first "Porsche Moment," if you will.

From there, my love for Porsches continued to grow. Of course, like everyone else, I seen several movies with Porsches in them, including the famous scene and line from, Risky Business, "Porsche, there is no substitute!" However, as a child, owning a Porsche was always a dream because financially, we, more specifically I, was in no position to buy a Porsche (lower-middle class income level).

As I grew older my love for Porsches never went away, but as a young adult, I could not afford a Porsche. To be fair, I was an enlisted U.S. Marine making around $16,000.00/year, and then went to college on the G.I. Bill and while also applying for student loans - during those times, owning a Porsche was still just a dream. However, I had goals and every time I drove past a Porsche dealership I would think in my head, "I am going to own a Porsche one-day." I used to think to myself, "sum-day" I will own a Porsche. Fortunately for me, I accomplished my goals and was able to make my dreams a reality. I graduated from Clemson University and proceeded to chase my dreams...

After my second tour in Iraq, I saved enough danger pay to buy my first Porsche. I found it on E-bay and the owner listed it as, "must sell." The owner at the time just bought this car certified pre-owned (CPO) Porsche from the Porsche dealership and owned it for 6-months. However, his best friend was selling his Ferrari 360 and the owner of the Porshe wanted to buy that Ferrari, which made it a "must-sell" car. At the time, he was asking $36,000.00 on E-Bay for it, which was a little bit more than I wanted to pay because I wanted a 996 Turbo. Long story short and for what turned out to be a great deal, I bought my first Porsche - a 2001 911 Carrera 4 for $24,000.00. I say it was a great deal because I bought the car for 24K and drove it for 5-years, before I traded it in for a 991s and received 27.5K as a trade (yes, I owned the car for 5-years and made $3,500.00 off of the car).

I bought this car without ever seeing it in person, never heard it start, and never drove it before. As you can imagine, a lot of questions and doubts filled my head as I went through the financial transactions with the owner. This was a gamble - but I had some comfort knowing and having seen the CPO paperwork from the Porsche dealership and the owner had over 30 pictures posted; plus, EBay is pretty good about taking care of their customer. Needless to say, everything turned out fine. I found a trucking company off of Ebay and payed $800.00 to have the car shipped from Naples, FL to Charlotte, NC (where I was living at the time).

I'm sure you can imagine the excitement that I felt the day the truck arrived and I got my very own, "Porsche delivery experience." I was like a, "kid in a candy store." As the driver pulled it off the trailer, I was ecstatic, but also nervous (thinking to myself, please do not hurt my car). Once it was off and I signed the documents, he gave me the keys and he left.

I walked around it once conducting a quick inspection and looking for any damage but there wasn't any. Then, I opened the door and sat in my Porsche for the very first time. Not only was this the first time that I sat in my Porsche but it was also the first time that I ever sat in any Porsche. The dreams I had over the past 20 plus years were finally a reality - I owned a Porsche. Now, time to drive it...

I opened the door and climbed in. I immediately had to adjust the seat since I am fairly large guy (6'2" and 225 lbs), so I had to put the seat back in order to fit inside. Once the seat was back, not knowing that the key went on the left which took a few seconds, I pressed the clutch in and did my first of many, "cold starts." Yes, I was in love!

Before I could even get the car in first gear, one of the neighbor's assistants came over to my driveway (young, and fairly attractive girl) and asked me for a ride. Yes, my first Porsche experience was going better than planned. She got in the car, and we both went for my first Porsche drive. I didn't tell her that though, as she asked a dozen questions about the car.

I wanted to let the car warm-up, so I drove through the neighborhood pretty slow. Once we left neighborhood and I found some empty back roads, well that was a different story. Let's just say that we both got to experience what a Porsche is capable of. I don't know what she thought but the smile on both of our faces as we pulled back into the neighborhood was all I needed to see....

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