Por4mance Drive Club (P4DC)

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

What is Por4mance Drive Club (P4DC)?

I want this drive club to be different than most. We will go for drives of course, but I also want more of an interactive club where you as a member reap the benefits. I am going to focus this on three things (driving, social events, and educational). By educational, I mean learning about your car, driving, or the local institution that we are interacting with.

I built my website to connect local Atlanta Porsche Owners with local businesses to make PCar owner’s lives easier. Now I am expanding this to include social events. I am trying to get creative and think of some new innovative ways to connect Porsche owners. My goal, every 3-weeks or so plan an event focused on one of three categories: 1. Driving Events a. Driving tour through the mountains of N. GA b. Driving event with one of the local driving clubs (track days - either instructional or actual track time). Currently working with Maxspeed Track Days and RaceCars For Rent. 2. Social Events a. Connecting Porsche Owners with Porsche businesses – I will try to get the business to host the event and provide: i. Cookouts ii. Coffee n Donuts iii. Etc… b. Porsches and Pistols – I've been a marksmanship instructor for over 20 years (both as a Federal Agent and as a US Marine). I teamed up with Sharpshooters USA, where we will rent a bay at their facility for 2.5 hours - You will receive a range safety brief. Experienced shooters can go to the range and shoot live-fire or use the simulation lab (simlab). If you are new to shooting, an advanced marksmanship course will be provided for you. After another Period of Instruction is provided you will be free to use the live-fire range or use the simlab. If you have never done a pistol simlab before, they are fun. If you are interested in learning how to shoot or want to get some more experienced with a couple of veteran instructors, I recommend attending this event. The price will be approximately 100.00/person but you will receive 2.5 hours of range time, your own personal instructor and access to the simlab.

c. IMSA Raceday events - If you are into Porsche Motorsports and would like to get together with other car enthusiasts, we will find and locate a place to watch the races together.

3. Mod Days (tech events) a. Educational events teaching Porsche owners about X, Y, or Z… i. I plan on teaming up local businesses (Autohaus, Eurofed, etc...) for tech-events. b. Mod days – where Porsche owners invite other Porsche owners to their house for assistance with whatever mods they are trying to make (For example, I need help with installing my exhaust; therefore, I post this on the Por4mance Drive Club forum, set the time and date and seek assistance from other Porsche owners where they come to my house and assist. In return, I grill them food and provide the beers). Not all of these events will be free but hopefully they will all be worth it and fun. Also, I am going to try and make every event family friendly so if your little ones or spouses would like to attend than they are more than welcomed. A few companies that I am currently working with

  1. Porsche Experience Center Atlanta

  2. Sharpshooters USA - 'Porsches n Pistols' - marksmanship course and live fire

  3. Maxspeed Track Days

  4. RaceCars For Rent

  5. Buffguys and GTechniq

I have also touched base with many more companies (BBS Wheels), and will try and schedule some cool things for us to do this summer.

If you own a business, or want to recommend a business, please contact me and let me know. We will try and schedule something.

Eventually, I would like to start creating fund raising events where we give back to our local communities through outreach programs (Toys for Tots and PTSD Foundation).

Unfortunately, this will be focused on Atlanta based Porsche owners (for now).

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