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John Slemp
Oct 05, 2020
In Car Photographers
Hello James and Friends! Thought I'd post a few Porsche images, created over the last several years. As a commercial photographer with over 20 years of experience creating award-winning images for clients worldwide, and a former 2-time Porsche owner, I've always enjoyed the form of the Porsche automobile. There is virtually no bad angle to photograph one of these cars...especially my favorites, the 356 and 911 models. Before I became a professional photographer, I was an avid hobbyist, and the Porsche calendars of the mid to late 80's are still fresh in my mind. They were beautifully photographed, exquisitely produced, and so large! I wish I still had them...but time and space has prevented that. Guess I'll have to make my own! I'm actively seeking Porsche owner's who would like to collaborate in creating images. These will be highly produced shoots, with supplemental lighting, location scouting, and hopefully very clean cars. Studio shoots are a possibility, depending on budget, and how much time the car is available. I"m happy to create owner portraits with their machines...and our collective imaginations are the limit. Images that are "fun" come to mind. Motion is a component that I enjoy adding to a still image, whether on the track or off the beaten path. Speaking of motion, I've also begun experimenting with video, so if you have an idea, let's talk! In-depth video interviews might also be fun... Of course, I'm available for hire to create images for advertising and editorial use, so please contact me through my website...and Thanks. On to the images!
Capturing the Porsche Spirit... content media

John Slemp

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