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Jeff Ruff
Dec 17, 2020
In Porsche 992
I chose to purchase a 911 after my Porsche track experience at Barber MSP. I cross shopped several different models not typically compared but all within similar price point. Ultimately I chose a 992 C2S. This is my first Porsche purchase as well as my first what I consider expensive car purchase. I have always been a car enthusiast as most Porsche enthusiasts are. I currently own a 03 Miata that serves as a dedicated track car. I enjoy driving for fun on my days off or even after work. I would always prefer to drive to vacation destinations if time allows. I live outside Nashville, but frequently drive downtown. My goals for this car were something that could fit into my current life. One that I could take my wife out for a date, or drive to the beach for a long weekend, or take to the track occasionally. I also love to be different, which the customer spec option with a new car is very appealing. In my opinion the 992 fit all my requirements as above. I have attached my build.
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Jeff Ruff

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